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Useful Links

  • Epicor Eclipse
    Epicor is the parent company of Eclipse
  • Eclipse Help
    Here is a link you should be familiar with if you already have Eclipse.
  • Eclipse UFO
    Hundreds of Eclipse users have banded together to form the user Friendly organization to help each other out.
  • Free AVG Virus software
    A free virus software that works well and does not slow your systems down too much
  • KasperSky Virus Protection
    I recently discovered this and have enjoyed it's non-invasive nature and it does not slow down your system like other vendors.
  • USPS Zip Code Finder
    Ever need to mail something and not have the complete address?  Find Zip Codes here.
  • What's Your IP Address?
    This site is shows you what your Router or modem is using as a real IP address.  It's your external IP.
  • Test your Connection Speed
    This site Will allow you to choose a remote server and test your download and upload speeds...very handy stuff!

Photo by Jeff Wright




Photo by Jeff Wright


Here are some helpful URL's that I use every day.  Keep checking back for updated information.